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How much Do Designers get paid in 2008?

I just came across a site that completed some independent research for the AIGA on the Average salaries one could expect in the various design fields across the U.S. Really some useful info…if I do say so myself…. “The AIGA|Aquent Survey of Design Salaries is commissioned annually

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We have officially struck partnership deal with the guys at, and Eclipse Printing…A small little label, that has great inhouse capabilites, and a great Guerilla Marketing Savy. We hope to push their brand with our art expertise, and hope they can push our brand with their

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Trailer art for Metro Choppers – installation

This was a job we did for these guys way back in Fall I believe and they just recently put it into production for their Spring rally season. Pretty basic art but it looks killer on that huge trailer. Pretty cool step by step (well, a couple

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Sneak Peek of a New Eternyl Tee

Just a spread of our Line sheets were hoping to get together for the Summer Street vending season. The clothing line is coming about a little slower than we hoped, but all of this bread and butter freelance work is really hard to pass over…I have a

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