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New True Professional Grade Vector Illustrations

I’d just like to take this moment to introduce the next step in our Artist’s Asylum. We are trying to get over offering the same old live traced illustrator vectors that everyone is offering, and head into a more exclusive high end professional stock art offerings. Not

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Metropolitian Choppers Sneak Peak

Ok Damn…I missed a day…..but I’ll post this weekend to make up for it…..content, content, content …right? Well Quality content for sure. Here is a sneak peak of some production run designs we recently ran through the hopper. With an awesome motorcycle company Metropolitan Choppers – This

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UnOfficial Website Relaunch!!!

Well ….. it’s been a few weeks since the latest Eternyl news….and there is a damn good reason! …believe it or not we weren’t slackin off all summer…..thus we unleash…. A crapload of work has gone into the next stages of the Eternyl Online Persona, and I’d

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StyleCareers Apparel Industry survey!

Not sure if everyone if familiar with style careers, but it’s a great resource for the apparel industry…. They are trying to put together some info to better give us, in the apparel world a better idea of the industry standards….for benefits, and salary….they truly are a

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Sturgis 2008 Quality Zoom

Here is just a Macro zoom of a sturgis Tee we recently Sample and printed for Sturgis Harley Davidson for the 2008 Rally….Although I don’t know if it actually made it to the shelves. If it did it would be available at Last I checked I

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Our Social Links

Hey all I just wanted to mention that we’ve added our social links to the side bar here…. fast payday loans no faxing FlickR , Myspace , Technorati , Youtube , Facebook , and Squidoo ….thats a lot of socializing so it might take a few weeks

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New Equipment & Workspace Category

Well since this blog is supposed to be about updating, and giving insight into what really makes us a functional Design Studio….I thought I’d add a new category of what kind of equipment and what kind of space we are using. cash loans in new jersey It

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We have officially struck partnership deal with the guys at, and Eclipse Printing…A small little label, that has great inhouse capabilites, and a great Guerilla Marketing Savy. We hope to push their brand with our art expertise, and hope they can push our brand with their

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Trailer art for Metro Choppers – installation

This was a job we did for these guys way back in Fall I believe and they just recently put it into production for their Spring rally season. Pretty basic art but it looks killer on that huge trailer. Pretty cool step by step (well, a couple

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Sneak Peek of a New Eternyl Tee

Just a spread of our Line sheets were hoping to get together for the Summer Street vending season. The clothing line is coming about a little slower than we hoped, but all of this bread and butter freelance work is really hard to pass over…I have a

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