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We have officially struck partnership deal with the guys at, and Eclipse Printing…A small little label, that has great inhouse capabilites, and a great Guerilla Marketing Savy.

We hope to push their brand with our art expertise, and hope they can push our brand with their marketing tactics.This coalition should in a sense bring the missing pieces in our equation.

A little background on Eternyl, MyShirtRocks partnership, the plan is to incorporate a new ecommerce site into the components of, and coming soon With each being it’s own separate business, I guess the common denominator will be our extensive knowledge of apparel printing and design, and the different facets of our artwork…If you visit the Tri-Company you’ll notice they’re all based on the same style and layout for now, to build a unity and cohesiveness from the get go…although I’m sure the consensus is that they will each take on a life of their own over time.

The MyShirtRocks philosophy and style is more along the lines of, and maybe a little brash for most, but the demographic is there, it’s completely different from our current ventures, and we feel can only broaden our base, and expand our niche markets…., plus their past stuff, is hilarious…but that depends on your sense of humor…many people may not relate…but you just gotta laugh at this stuff.

With both our partnerships we feel we have rounded our abilities out, with BrainTrustees, and the Art Driven Apparel Line….as well as the Idea driven Apparel Line with MyShirtRocks, and the more widespread Tagline based Tee. All to compliment our very own Eternyl Brand, that is basically our vision. So here’s to new endeavors!…..


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