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The Eternyl name

I’ve been getting a few emails on what exactly is the story behind the name Eternyl?

So I thought this would be a good time to elaborate, and in the same move, update our about page, to better cover our philosophy…

It’s kind of weird and cool that no one really thinks Eternyl is just a name made up out of the thin air. Maybe we should have gone with the word “Blingin Tees” or “Sick Designs” or “Fo’Sheezy Teez” or something like that….nah, I think Eternyl fits us perfectly.

Well here goes…Basically the name is pretty old. I came up with it about 15 years ago, back in the graffiti kid days, when on a whim our art crew was talking about making some designs that were timeless, like the stuff on the old New York Subways, which some of which is goofy looking – (only because it was the 70’s and 80’s), but awe inspiring at the same time….timeless designs, that are created by regular people, just making a name for themselves. Not really even about making money, just respect, recognition, and cool different art.

Yeah – I know graffiti is property damage, and all that, but among the choices out there, I bet the world would’ve chosen the graffiti boom over the violence, or drug boom that took over instead.

Well anyways basically what the Eternyl concept is – is that we try to create designs that are timeless, that have a select grouping…and have passionate followings behind them…
We love to add the phrase to our name, to create a concept like “tattoos forever” which leads us to
Eternyl Ink, or maybe Eternyl Speed, for the motorsport enthusiast, or even Eternyl New York…to show your love for a home city….just a few examples…I could literally go on forever on this.

Eternyl to us is something without beginning or end…

Eternyl to us means something that is timeless, something that can skew the crazy lines between retro, vintage, modern, classical, and futuristic…like mixing rock with rap, or monk chant with metal….sometimes it horrible, but sometimes it is incredible.

We have such a diverse group that our interests are all over the place, and I think that’s whay we gel so well.

Eternyl is a line that focuses on starting trends instead of looking for them…sure if something is asked of in our line, that a client want, we always accomodate, but we always try to have at least half of our line something different. Which is kinda why you’ll never see a ton of vector trendy spash art in our line…it has been extremely hot for a while now, but it’s not exactly awe inspiring, and kinda like abstract art on a tee, you have to really really like it, to keep buying it.

Lastly Eternyl is Art….which we think should be the focus of our apparel line…A T-shirt company devoted to artwork on apparel, less mess, okay some mess, but really just more art.

Cause in the world of startup T-Shirt companies, I’ve seen way to many trendy names, and way too many simple, just thrown about, cause it sounded cool or easy at the moment, which takes the fun out of it, in my opinion.

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