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The Top 100 Greatest T-Shirts Ever!

Eternyl Splash100 Greatest Tees
Alright, we saw a similar post on an online Mag today, and really we were not too satisfied with the results.
I think the t-shirt industry is broken up into a lot of really specific niches and many of the people within their niche really fail to see or just don’t want to see outside of their comfort zone. We really wanted to get a feel for the really the best Tee designs ever, regardless if you are a fan of the designs genre or not. Of course we could just pick them and be perfectly happy with our own list…but that’s too easy….so we’ll just start it out with a wide selection of the easy iconic nominations, and see where this ends up.

What better way to get a real list than too let the masses submit and vote….

That’s right… simply upload your pick or vote on the best submission and see how it stands up among some of the all time classic Tees…and let the web vote on each and every submission.

So here we have the “Real” Top 100 t-shirt list.

Just remember this is not necessarily the “Best Art”, not necessarily the “In Style” but the best Tees ever. How will your favorite new Tee stack up against an old veteran of the T-shirt world?…How will it stand up against one of the Fashion world game changers…Should the Tee have to be widely known?…should it be iconic?….or are there secret gems out there?….But if they were really so good, why did they never catch on?…limited release?….local tees from the pre-internet era?…so many variables…so let’s battle it out.

Please submit or just vote on your design you think has earned the spot among the top 100….and vote up your favorites, and vote down the ones your despise.

The plan is to have a social experiment of sorts, and hopefully keep an on going tally, maybe an update or 2, and really try to keep a nice reference database as the submissions build up. We will post up results in a few weeks and see where we stand.

a 300×300 pixel image size would work just perfect…
if you wish to upload…also a credit tag is nice if you know who sold the design…
we would love to post the link…..we will moderate out the super obscene stuff….unless it belongs up on the list.

A sign up will allow instant upload box to appear….don’t worry we don’t send emails junk….use a fake email…whatever.

Alternately if you don’t want to sign up….you can email a submission to and I’ll upload it.

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  1. This is a great concept, I hope it takes off. I have a couple additions.

  2. Love this concept guys! Great idea and great work!

  3. Awesome…you should post the peace sign t

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