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UnOfficial Website Relaunch!!!

Well …..

it’s been a few weeks since the latest Eternyl news….and there is a damn good reason!

…believe it or not we weren’t slackin off all summer…..thus we unleash….

A crapload of work has gone into the next stages of the Eternyl Online Persona, and I’d like to Un-Officially welcome everyone who has supported us over the past few years to our 2.0 version, for lack of a better description.

First and foremost I’d like to introduce the Launch of the Eternyl Asylum!

Our collective collaboration of the many many facets of the Eternyl Group all in one neatly packaged base camp….

So it’s not as much as an Asylum for the criminally and artistically insane as it is a Sanctuary granting us an Asylum and place to rest and vent….ok well it’s probably a little of both….

Anyways….Basically our intentions with our latest incarnation really is just to streamline the whole process of keeping the content flowing to our current clients, potential clients and curious readers. We really wanted and needed to make it easier for us to add information, and keep the reader and submitter participation at an ever growing level.

So first we moved our collective conciousness over to a new server, and in the process built a much cleaner website, all while upgrading our features, and accessibility….who’d a thunk it?

We added a much better store & download section and seriously upgraded our vector contribution to the online world….more on this later….

While there will be a few bugs…here and there….I don’t think anything major will hamper the evolution.

There will be a little clunkiness with our archived posts….but I think it will really give us a chance to correct some of the images, as well as revise some of the older posts….So not only more new content in the coming weeks, but also brand new old content as well……killer!

So as of the moment we are the brand new same old Eternyl…..


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