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This is a the under construction Services page…check back for an update…we gotta rewrite it up.

Full Service Creative Studio

Recently had a boom in business?…Trying to land that big client?…Need an off site Creative Department?…Want the Top Tier creative Team, but can’t manage the Full Time Budget? Any of these scenarios are right up our alley, just drop us an time line and a budget and we can start cracking out homeruns for your company.

Graphic Design & Illustration

We are masters of both graphic design and actual illustration. As a studio we believe the ability to actually draw and illustrate are key elements in selecting a graphic designer or team of designers. Call us crazy but artists should be able to create from scratch.

Apparel Design & Apparel Graphics

Our Specialty service, apparel design and high end illustration.We offer an unrivaled timeless style, from high end to clean and basic. While we can do all sorts of trendy, pop and fad related apparel art, we pride ourselves on our unique ability to transcend these fads, and help you create your own trends. We also know the apparel industry inside and out, and can make your apparel truly on the professional level.

Apparel Printing & Spot Color Separations

Yes, we also master in the art of the spot color separation, or simulation process printing seps. This is often an over looked aspect of apparel production, and even though you can have the most killer art ready to go. It still will only turn out as good as the separations, and the printer are. We offer separations all manual…no plug-ins or junk filter that auto-sep for you…because that is all that you will get…an auto-sep. As a matter of fact we also can take it one step further and make sure the finished product is flawless, by handling the printing for you.

Web Graphics & Web Design

Need cutting edge web graphics, web design or just edgy online advertisement banners? We can put together everything from a custom Facebook, Twitter, old school MySpace presence…to a full blown Web identity. We are pros in WordPress installs, and theme customizations, as well as traditional web designing and layouts. Need that newsletter email blast to catch more eyes, then look no further. Even if you want us to handle your hosting and file updates we can take care of your entire online presence.

Print Graphics & Print Design

Getting our info together on this as we are proud to offer premium printing services with some of our partners.

Art Direction & Consultation

Do you just need the expertise to get your project off the ground and headed in the right direction.

The Big Question…Pricing.

Now this is the tough one. Not because we don’t like transparent pricing, but because every art piece and service is pretty unique. However we can give you a pretty close guideline to work off of.

Art Direction & Consultation – est. $75 per hour

We get into the nitty gritty here. We proactively roll up our sleeves and do some designing as well. No better way than leading by example.

Full Service Studio on Demand – est. $65 – $140 per hour

This is the big one…we can offer full creative dept services…every aspect for any amount of time. Contracted out to our expert group.

Design for hire / per hour creative – est. $55 per hour

The bread and butter. Freelance per job.

Spot Color Separations – est. $20 per color

Easy as pie…as long as your printers are on the same page of course.

Apparel, Web, Print, Illustration, Design Creative Levels.

Here are our different levels of art we create. (in a nice simplified form)

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